"Happiness : A ray of sunshine" 😊

What is happiness to a 5-years old kid?? -Playing with toys whole day and whole night.Isn't it? 😊 But,what is real happiness to some 18-years old? It is surely not playing with toys. The reason of happiness changes each day passing by to us. 😐 . . Right from your birth to whatever age you currently standing at,the cause of happiness has changed infinite times over and over!! Things change,Priorities get reshuffled,you develop wisdom...after all this what you seek?? 🙄 "HAPPINESS" 😊 So see,basically whatever you do,whatever work you initiate..You just want to be satisfied and happy at the end!! Positive intent and paraphernalia is must. 🙂 As a child myself,I hated each and every restrictions my parents imposed on me..Although,it was all for my own betterment but as a child we never understand these things,do we?? I only dreamt of complete freedom. 😐😐 But now,I'm free..there are no restrictions whatsoever.. Technically,I have attained complete f

"Dream island in an endless Ocean"

Imagine yourself being on a boat, all alone. You've map too which indicates directions to your 'Dream Island' ! But,the weather is ruthless and as dangerous as it could be..It's very scary out there but you need to find your niche. In that particular situation what must you do??You can't give up coz it will get you killed...You can't run away from literally can't coz you're in the middle of an ocean. Heading and keep searching the island is the best you've got. :) Summon all your strength,fill yourself with hope from toe-to-head..let good memories accompany you and keep sailing.. I know it's getting non-sensical but what if I say it's practically you and your dreams you wanna achieve. Boat is the resources you have! Map is something directing your paths to what you wanna-be. Horrible and cruel weather indicates the hurdles you'll be facing doing so. Dream Island is goal of your life..It's something you want your d

"A bridge"..A mental bridge.

'What purpose does a bridge serve?' Bridge is a physical thing which joins two remote places which are not very easily accessable.Places which are distant and separated. :) Let's talk about 'mental bridge'. Time heals things..I fully agree to it but still there are some things,some differences,some bruises so severe on your heart that can't be healed by anyone. You make friends..some of that friends stick with you forever and some of 'em leave you or you leave 'em because of differences depending on the circumstances..still you can't forget 'em,you miss 'em,you do care about 'em but you won't talk to 'em coz you're so proud of your "Pseudo-ego"..This is a mental care about someone still you won't show it coz your mind has created a bridge between you and him/her. See..forgiving is the biggest and the strongest thing.The moment you forgive someone..your bond with him/her goes to an altogether dif

Goal should be "Self-Satisfaction" !

Yeah! It's true that some of you don't like getting defeated anywhere! But still there will be some things which you failed miserably,No doubt. Life is not all about getting all the bones immediately after it is thrown to you..but it's about analyzing it and then choosing the best ones. :) Fool you are putting all your efforts only and only for being rich in life. You must realize..small things can also give you the joy of life. Enjoying small things and that too with your loved ones is incredible. :) "Personal satisfaction" is something..isn't it?? I've learnt many things in last some years and the best thing which I learnt is finding positives in negatives. So basically, A GLASS IS EITHER HALF FULL OR HALF EMPTY. :) Last thing - One failure can't judge your capabilities, one failure can't decide your future and one failure can't change who you are and for what you're made for? Keep calm and work hard..that should be goal. :) .

It's time to leave your past in past.

Everybody needs to work hard somewhere in their it in start or be it in the end. I've realized something over the course of my entire life that you don't need to have all the luxuries around you to be don't need infinite sum of money to make don't need to be pretty to have someone special. :) As long as you're doing the things you love..following your're're happy. You just need to have a good heart with honest emotions to have friends. And you need to be beautiful inspite of pretty to have someone special. :) Life is rude sometimes..I know! But why recall yourself in lost wrecked boat in deep and horrendous ocean in cruel weather when cyclone has hit. Recall yourself sitting on a beach..taking sand in your hands and allowing 'em fall slowly through the void between your fingers and enjoying perfect sunset! :) :) Be positive in the hardest of times coz it matters..Life's way t